• Argument ‘four’ is now disabled as we cannot support it.

  • Now using longlat-order compliant “OGC:CRS84” string throughout, rather than projstring ‘longlat’ or EPSG code 4326.

  • New helper functions reproj_xyz() and reproj_xy() to return those specific cases.

  • Removed unused LazyData element from DESCRIPTION.

  • Removed tibble dependency (was used to write-in-place to silicate vertex table).

  • New global option reproj.mock.noproj6 to simulate when no PROJ function is available (i.e. force fallback to proj4, no matter what version of that library is in use).

  • Now importing PROJ package for use of underlying PROJ
    library (for versions projlib >= 6.0.0).

  • Now checking for longlat condition from more EPSG codes.

  • Now imports crsmeta to obtain meta strings from silicate.

  • New reproj methods for quadmesh and trimesh.

  • reproj() gains a new argument four = FALSE, this can be used to return the fourth (time) coordinate when using PROJ 6 or higher.

  • Behaviour has changed in a breaking way, we now can only input 2-columns and an optional z_ may be input. 3-columns are always returned unless four = TRUE, and the option t_ may also be input.

  • Now using PROJ package, for version 6 or above.

  • Tested on PROJ version 6 version of the R package proj4.

  • Trim whitespace on PROJ strings, you’re welcome.

New behaviour

  • New behaviour for reproj which will now assume input data is longitude/latitude if this seems reasonable, and controlled by user-settable options. See ?reproj for details.

New features

  • New reproj method for mesh3d rgl objects.

  • New reproj method for sc silicate objects.

  • Fix bug to remove leading space in PROJ.4 string.
  • First viable version.